About Cowboys from space

Listening to a song, watching a picture, reading something on paper or a wall, taking your bag and going away…

There are many ways for exploring the world and discovering new things. And there are many people that have a story to tell: musicians, writers, painters, photographers, travellers…

The idea behind this website is to invite you to write stories about art, music, and travel. Talking about a trip somewhere. That has given you something more than just souvenirs and wonderful pictures. Talking about art. That brings you to share your feelings about the outer world and helps you to explore the inner one.

Cowboys from space is a weird title. At the time I was living in Bulgaria, and I was looking for a Balkan expression about travelling. But I found nothing. No ideas. I was on a train and I started staring out the window in the countryside. I imagined cowboys riding horses alongside. Going somewhere very far. Not on this planet. In the space, where there is no limit for the fantasy.

Take a look at the stories that people have written so far.

Looking forward to hearing yours.



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