Tringa and Proximity Mine, music as a refuge from ethnic division

Proximity Mine is an ambassador band for the Mitrovica Rock School. In September 2017, they closed the Grant Makers East Forum in Vienna. Since 2008, the Mitrovica Rock School has had 41 ethnically mixed bands, 18 of which wrote and produced their own material. The Mitrovica Rock School was founded in 2008 by Musicians without Borders and Community Building Mitrovica. Tringa, member of Proximity Mine from February 2017, spoke about the beginning of the band, the lyrics and her experience there. Thanks also to Wendy, that manages the Rock School for Musicians without Borders.

This is our story

Our art is us

How we breathe

What we think

How we feel

We are young citizens of Mitrovica, the divided city, trying to make our city united again through our art: music. We started at the Mitrovica Rock School‘s summer school in August 2016. The summer school is a week where the Rock School makes new mixed bands formed by students from North and South Mitrovica. Lead singer Ilda was new to the Rock School and didn’t really know what to expect. And vice versa: the Rock School team later told us that they had been blown away by our first songs and especially Ilda’s lyrics.

Proximity Mine at Anker Saal
Proximity Mine in the Ankersaal of Brotfabrik, Vienna – Nathan Murrell

We like to tell our stories through metaphors. People often ask if our lyrics are political or about the situation in Mitrovica but they aren’t: our music is our refuge from all of that. Ilda and lead guitarist Alem clicked immediately and they have been the creative core of the band. After the summer school we changed members several times to find the perfect match for our sound. I (Tringa) joined the band in February 2017. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 7 but this was my first time in a rock band. We now feel like we have the perfect blend. We’re in many ways opposite, but that’s how we achieve our sound. Our rehearsals are the best: we share new song ideas, we help each other and we are there for each other. We are working on our first album, which will be released soon.

“Mwah” is our first song, recorded at the Rock School’s Skopje Summer School:

We hope that we will touch people with our music and make Mitrovica whole again.

This is our story!

Proximity Mine’s bow in the Ankersaal of Brotfabrik, Vienna – Nathan Murrell

Tringa really loves the rehearsal time. So she sent me some happy pictures before publishing the post 🙂

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